My name is Rachel Erickson and I’m a junior studying Media Arts at Brigham Young University. Originally from Burbank, California, I grew up around people in the entertainment industry, sparking an interest for writing and producing media starting as a high schooler.

During my senior year of high school, I was able to work as an intern at Walt Disney Studios, helping organize music projects and research for the music executive. After completing my first year at university, I came back to Burbank to work as a music librarian/archivist at Walt Disney Studios — I found myself scanning music score and working with copyists and music supervisors for the soundtrack of feature films.

My interests in the filmmaking industry are varied, but I mainly focus on producing and writing content. In addition to this, I work to create documentaries that I feel passionately about, because I think that stories are important to share and thus, listening should be the first step to a good story. People are amazing and learning to tell their stories in a way that creates a common human experience and empathy is what I want to do most.

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